The Property Buying Process

property management liverpool
  • Comparison shopping
  • Get your loan approval
  • Congratulations you found your property to buy
  • Secure property with deposit (usually 0.25%)
  • Sign contract
  • Vendor signs contract
  • Exchange contracts (usually by your agent with authority from yourself & the vendor)
  • Cooling off period (usually 5 days)
  • Further discussing & arrangements made with your solicitor
  • Solicitor arranges pest & building inspection (unless you like to yourself)
  • See your financial provider
  • Financial provider organises a property valuation determining resale value & discusses other required information specific to you.
  • Before your cooling off period ends at 5:00pm on the day selected you must pay remainder of the deposit (usually remainder of the 10% deposit may be more or less)
  • Any more inspections for any reason before settlement we would love to arrange for you
  • 24 hours prior to settlement day reinspect the purchased property to be sure it was as you first saw it.
  • Find out where the keys to the property are located after your final inspection.
  • Usually we hold the keys, if so, we can only release the keys to you once we receive in writing that it is ok to do so by the Vendors Solicitor by Law.
  • Congratulations! Here are your keys & here is a welcome home complimentary gift from List & Sell Real Estate! Enjoy!!

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