Suburb Profile: Raby Real Estate

    There aren’t a lot of places where you can find peace in this modern world. That is why it can be a miracle to live in a suburb that offers serenity and still connects to commerce and industry.  

    If you are looking for this kind of suburb in New South Wales, then Raby could be the one for you. But before you look into Raby real estate, you must first check if this suburb fits your lifestyle. 

    Short History 

    In its early days, Raby was once a farm town filled with sheep. But more than just farm paddocks and a flowing creek, Raby had all the promise of urban growth. Before this suburb got its name, there was a debate on what it should be called. It could have been called Varroville and St Andrews because of the two farming properties that it borders. Sadly, these two names had already been taken. The option of using “Curran”, after the Bunbury Curran Creek that flowed through the area’s hills, was also considered. Finally, they settled with Raby after Raby Road. 

    In the 1970s, the growth and urbanisation of Raby had become more visible. This is seen through the development of a lot of private subdivisions. And in the 1990s, most of Raby’s area was close to becoming complete.  

    To give a sense of uniqueness to the area, the council decided in 1978 to name its streets after aeroplanes. Now, you will see such names as Mirage Avenue, Hurricane Drive, McDonnell Street, De Havilland Crescent, and Zeppelin Street, among the many areas in Raby. 

    Today, Raby is seen as one of the best places to settle in. With almost 6000 lovely inhabitants, it’s easy to imagine that this suburb could be your home, too. And with List and Sell, you can find the best property manager Raby has to offer. 

    Local Life 

    Living in Raby is perfect for anyone looking for peace away from the city. Raby is a green and quiet suburb that is a world of its own. The area is complete with schools, shopping centres, and the Raby Sports Complex. You won’t have to get out of town to get what you need. If you are thinking of starting a family, or you want a place to retire, Raby is the place to be.  

    And for those who still have a life in the city, Raby is only a short commute away. This means you won’t have to make a long trip from and to Raby. So, if you want to call this place home, we are the real estate agency in Raby that can help you out. 

    Property Market 

    If you plan on getting a place in this suburb, you need to understand the Raby real estate market. For one, if you plan to rent a place, you must remember that the average rent in Raby is $400 a week.  

    And if you plan on buying a property, it’s a good idea to note that property prices are at an average of $630,000. The most common structures in Raby are separate houses with 3.5 bedrooms. With this in mind, List and Sell can be the property management in Raby to help you out. 

    Things to Do  

    Once you step out of the city, you will find that there is a lot you can do. Even in a suburb like Raby, there is no place for boredom. There are different activities you can do here.  

    For all shopaholics, the Raby Shopping Centre. And let’s not forget the Raby Sports Complex for anyone looking for some physical fun. Foodies also have their share of things to do in Raby with all the best restaurants in the area.  

    Work with Us Now!  

    So, if you are looking for the best Raby real estate, List and Sell has the best real estate agents in Raby for the Job. For more information about what we do, call us now

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