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    Why It Is Important To Do Your Own Research

    At List & Sell Real Estate, our agents build a close relationship with our clients and keep them informed of any new listings in their preferred area. It is important that you do your own research when selecting a real estate agent. Ask your family and friends about the really good real estate agents they have used in either selling or buying their property in the area. Find out how many properties like yours the real estate agent has sold in Woodbine and other nearby suburbs of Leumeah, Campbelltown, and more. and whether the sellers got a better price than the going rate. You have to make sure the agents know the area like the back of their hand, can be trusted, are great communicators and always put your interest above anything else.
    Everyone wants the right price when it comes to buying, selling or leasing properties in Woodbine. The first step in ensuring this is to select the most reputed real estate agent in Woodbine. When it comes to choosing real estate agents, look for important signs like how long they have been in the industry, what is their reputation in the area, do they handle only one segment of the vast market, are they trustworthy and are they interested in listening to you. There is only one real estate agent in Woodbine who can give you all these things and more. List & Sell Real Estate are the true professionals who value your time and patronage. We are excellent communicators and have your best interests at heart, ensuring there is nothing left to chance because this is one of the biggest investments you could make.

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    Dilini Samanthika

    Property Manager

    Some Tips to Pick Your Real Estate Agent in Woodbine:

    • Thoroughly research the local real estate agents before making your choice. You can ask family and friends about their experience with them.
    • Check if there is a strong team to back your real estate agent as there are many aspects to a sale.
    • Ask them what types of advertising they are planning because your property should be on different platforms for maximum buyers.
    • Local knowledge is very important when choosing the right agent
    • Trust. You need someone you can trust and communicate honestly
    • Find out how much commission is being charged on the sale. Agents are paid a percentage of the sale price.
    • Read the fine print carefully before you sign any documents. Simple way to find out if there are any hidden surprises.

    Some Reasons Why You Should Choose Us

    • We live and work locally
    • We know and understand the real estate market in Woodbine like no other
    • We are backed by a professional and knowledgeable team
    • Our service is exceptional
    • Our prices are affordable

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