Chris Arvanis

As a former restaurant owner in the heart of one of Sydney’s most luxurious suburbs, Chris holds the client-agent relationship in the highest regard and has developed a keen eye for the needs and interests of many in similar communities.
Furthermore, being part of what has now grown into an international Martial Arts school since the age of 5, few can claim to have had Chris’ lifelong opportunity to display and refine a fantastic sense of self-discipline, goal setting and perseverance, where he has always strived to break new barriers and achieve a higher accomplishment.
Having privately sold his own home as his first real estate transaction, to go on to accumulate more property for his own personal portfolio, Chris understands, firsthand, the perspectives of trading real estate as both the vendor and the buyer.This experience, coupled with his ever-developing people skills, gives Chris a unique, empathic sense towards the requirements of the client, while tenaciously pursuing and maintaining the highest level of care and trust.
Chris has a friendly, relatable, down-to-earth and straight-forward nature and has an inherent ability to make his clients feel relaxed and at ease.
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