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    Why Should I Do My Own Research?

    It is important that you do your own research when selecting a real estate agent. Ask your family and friends about the really good real estate agents they have used in either selling or buying their property in the area. Find out how many properties like yours the real estate agent has sold in Bradbury and did the sellers get a better price than the going rate? You have to make sure the agents know the area like the back of their hand, can be trusted, are great communicators and always put your interest above anything else.
    There is a lot of groundwork you need to do when it comes to selling, buying or renting a property in Bradbury. Having a budget will be obviously on the top of the list because you don’t want to get into unwanted debt. Most buyers and sellers have some knowledge of the process but only a professional real estate agent can afford you a true insight into various aspects of property sales, purchases or leasing. You have to be on the lookout for certain attractions you and your family require when buying or renting, specially the interest rates (for mortgage), rezoning, access to public transport, schools, places of worship etc. When it comes to selling, the market conditions and any rezoning plans are crucial to getting the best possible deal. That’s why established local agencies like List & Sell Real Estate can make a big difference when it comes to buying, selling or leasing properties in Bradbury. Explore the Bradbury suburb profile now.

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    Some Tips to Pick Your Real Estate Agent in Bradbury:

    • Thoroughly research the local real estate agents before making your choice. You can ask family and friends about their sales experience.
    • Check if there is a strong team to back your real estate agent as there are many aspects to a sale.
    • Ask them what types of advertising they are planning because your property has be on different platforms for maximum buyers
    • Local knowledge is very important when choosing the right agent
    • Trust. You need someone you can trust and communicate honestly
    • Find out how much commission is being charged on the sale. Agents are paid a percentage of the sale price.
    • Read the fine print carefully before you sign any documents. Simple way to find out if there are any hidden surprises.

    Let List & Sell Real Estate make your dealings smooth

    Selling or buying real estate is not something most people do regularly which can make it daunting. That’s one of the reasons you will need good real estate agents to either supply you with a range of properties to purchase within your budget or get the best deal when it comes to selling your house. The professionals at List & Sell Real Estate have indepth knowledge of property market Bradbury and the suburbs that are nearby like Ambarvale and campbelltown and any potential developments or rezoning etc. Our services span the whole spectrum of buying or selling properties in addition to property management. We have specialists who will deal with you every step of the way, making sure your interests always come first. For any confirmation of our excellent work over the years in Bradbury, please check the testimonials online. Here is just one of our many testimonials posted on our website: “My house was sold within about five days and above the reserve price. Anthony only wants the best for his clients.” - Lynne Brown of Bradbury.

    Some Reasons Why You Should Choose Us

    • We live and work locally
    • We know and understand the real estate market in Bradbury like no other
    • We are backed by a professional and knowledgeable team
    • Our service is exceptional
    • Our prices are affordable

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